Over 40 years ago I came to the Hudson Valley to attend Bard College, fell in love with the beauty and rich history of the area, and never left. At Bard I developed a deep interest in art and architecture which caused me to embark on a career of historic architectural preservation. I also learned that I loved working with my hands, and so when I created Glenco thirty five years ago it was a “hands-on” endeavor.

At Glenco significance and background inspire our projects. I have enjoyed the privilege of travelling worldwide to study the architecture of other countries, much of which has inspired that of our relatively new country. New York State is particularly rich in architectural monuments of all periods up to the present. I am constantly visiting sites and enriching my knowledge, both of the origins of structures and the way in which they have been conserved, or in some cases, not, and studying art and architecture.

Whether in the application of carpentry, plaster, metalworking, masonry, painting or other skills, I work with colleagues who are similarly interested in learning the history of each building, before and during the work. Craft and familiarity with materials are the language of our understanding of the building. Our goal in conserving or restoring a building is to bring out its essential qualities. We are able to maintain a clean safety record along with high craft standards.

Liberty Paint/Liberty on the Hudson was begun as an extension of the preservation company. We offer premium coatings and finishing products for old and new construction. Among our handmade historic products are the historic oil paint we make to order, and our Pontypool Asphaltum, a standard historic black finish and graining medium. Liberty Castle Keep Membrane roofing is a modern material which also finds use in old buildings, such as in cornice gutters. Our Moonstone interior finish is unusually resistant to absorbing stains. The Golden Spike Railroad finishes are exceptionally durable.

The same analytic and technical understanding and approach we have with historic preservation is applied to the selection of our modern finishing products.